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A rich man once invited many friends to a feast. He needed fish very badly to have a spesial dish prepared for them. But fish was no here to be had. All of a sudden, when a fisherman came there with a fine large fish. But the gate-keeper did not let him in, till he had agreed to pay him halt the sum he would get for it.

The rich man was greatly pleased to see the fish and asked him what is price was. He said that it was twenty lashes on his bare back, The rich man was suprised to hear that. But the fisherman was not prepared to accept anything else. So the rich man asked his servant to give the lashes as gently as possible.

When he had received ten, he cried out that the other ten would be received by his partner. The rich man was surpraised all the more and asked him who that fool was. He replied that it was his own gate-keeper and told him the share he demanded. This made the rich man very angry. He asked the gate-keeper to be given ten hard lashes on his bare back. Than he was dismissed and the fisherman was paid twenty thousand rupiahs as the price of his fish.
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